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P2P Bitcoin Lending

Are you looking for a small loan, or are you sitting on a pile of BTC and unsure what to do with them?

Well you might consider taking a look at BTC-JAM

Here users can fund their account with BTC and browse through a number of investment choices.  They range from the user that needs 2 BTC to pay for a doctors visit to small start up looking for 7,000 BTC.   As a lender you can look for the loan opportunity that best suites your risk tolerance.  Some of the loans will repay in 30 days and some in 365 days.  The interest rate varies as does the reputation of the borrower.

To become a barrower you need to create and account and work on getting verified.  Verification includes a number of steps:

  • National ID
  • Proof of Residence
  • Facebook
  • Linked in
  • Credit Score review
  • Phone

The borrower is scored according to the verifications they have on record.  This allows lenders to decide if they trust this borrower or not.  Each Borrower also has a reputation based on previous loans.

As a borrower you set the terms

  • how much do you want
  • how long before you pay it off
  • the frequency of repayment
  • the interest rate

You also need to explain what you need the funds for.  This is where your salesmanship comes in.

There are some loans on the site which look to pay back in one month others over the next year.  The interest is big too, with interest rates of 5, 7, and 10% a month.  At 7% per month over the course of a year the lender will make approximately 50% gains from the initial investment.  The rates are high and so is the risk.  So if you get involved do your homework, investigate each.  You might make 5 BTC on a 10 BTC investment on time and loose 3 BTc on another.


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