Bitcoin Step by Step

The Best Way to Get Started

What’s Next?


Bitcoin was the revolution that brought about large scale decentralization that masses could get behind.  Projects like SETI allowed people to donate their CPU for the search to ET.  Others allowed the same for cancer research and a number of other good causes.  Bitcoin came along and allowed us to sell our resources.  Then a slew of alternate currencies came along each with the hopes of becoming the next Bitcoin.  Litecoin and Dogecoin became quite popular.

So what is next?

Decentralizing services which are paid in their own crypto currency.  Storj, is a decentralized drive space which is paid in SJCX.   Anyone can share their extra hard drive space and get paid for it.  Consumers pay for it using SJCX which can be bought from a growing list of exchanges.

There are other decentralized technologies that are springing up as well.  MAID SAFE, which claim to fame is that of a decentralized internet.  Personally I thought the internet was already decentralized.  I think they mean that they are decentralizing web hosting.  While they are working on a dectralized storage, they are also working with Storj to consume drive space from their network.

Then there are the apps that use Storj:


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